Yacht Charter Management

Charter Management for Yacht Owners

In the charter management division, we've got two sets of customers: our fleet's yacht owners and the worldwide community of retail charter agents. Acting as intermediaries, we advocate fair professional standards as we negotiate charter booking services for our owners.

After taking ownership of their yacht, many owners find that the calendar just doesn't allow them to be on board as often as they anticipated. Rather than have their vessel tethered in port with a full crew on payroll, making the yacht available for select charters is a terrific option to keeping the yacht's systems in operation and the crew on their toes.

Additionally, the charter revenue can supplement the vessel's operating budget and offset some operationg expenses. Besides the charter fee, standard industry contracts call for the charterer to pay for the additional expenses incurred while they are on board so the big ticket items like fuel, dockage and utilities are on their tab.

If the vessel charters for six weeks each season (summer and winter), then the savings by sending the yacht off the dock can tally up tremendously.

Most crew members enjoy welcoming charter guests and keeping their skills well practiced. The variety of guests and the challenges of procuring supplies in varying ports of call are valuable in building the crew's geographic knowledge. The tips from charter clients are a welcome financial bonus for crew, who can supplement their income if they provide noticeably superior service.

The managers in the IYC Charter Management division are experts at competing for maximum bookings.

First, our team assesses the yacht to examine the layout, amenities and level of luxury that are unique to that vessel. If the criteria are met, the yacht is invited to join the IYC charter fleet and our marketing machine kicks into high gear.

Next, the word goes out to the international charter brokerage community that there's a new vessel on the market. This is exciting news: every broker loves to offer new choices to their seasoned clients. Details are reviewed and verified before public advertisement.

Besides obtaining and distributing photographs, brochures, specifications lists and layouts our team has to convey many of the intangible details such as crew enthusiasm, hospitality features and suggested cruising itineraries. Working closely with the crew, it's a team effort all the way. If the yacht is also listed for sale with our brokerage division, then the goals are always to work within concert with the owner's primary desires for the yacht's exposure and availability.

Our retail charter brokers get first dibs at advertising the yacht in retail publications, but we always welcome the retail sales efforts of charter brokers from any agency who will vigorously promote a charter yacht in our fleet.

Major charter shows are held at strategic locations each year, so if an owner is interested (and we always recommend maximum sales exposure), we will secure a spot in one of these premiere events.

  • Miami , FL and Palm Beach, FL are brokerage shows held each spring that can be used as venues to promote a yacht for charter.
  • Genoa, Italy is held in May and draws the top brokers from all over Europe. For yachts chartering in the Mediterranean Sea, it's smart to take advantage of this showcase.
  • Newport RI is the setting for a June charter show featuring yachts based to charter in New England.
  • In the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, Antigua and St. Martin hold shows in December, which is the kick off of the winter charter season

Charter brokers love their jobs. Who wouldn't? They get to step into the shoes of their charter clients by sampling the cuisine and sipping cocktails on deck served to them by uniformed crew. Yet this is a critical step in assessing the value of each and every charter yacht that they submit to their clients, and it's the job of our charter managers to make certain that every IYC yacht is at the top of their lists.

The feedback from familiarization trips is invaluable to our charter professionals to determine if our yachts are meeting the mark of high luxury that is expected in today's marketplace.

Wholesale Marketing to Retail Charter Agents

Besides our in-house team of renowned charter agents, we work with brokers around the globe who present our yachts as vacation options to their clients.

Recognizing the importance of supporting a worldwide sales team, our friendly, efficient booking agents are on top of the calendars and activities of the fleet to ensure that agent inquiries are on the fast track toward success. In today's electronic age, quick, accurate information is the only way to achieve successful charter bookings on our fleet vessels.

Our team is committed to keeping our vessel specifications updated so that agents can rely on our any yacht's features and descriptions to be accurate when counting beds, heads, water sports and tenders.

We use only industry-approved contracts on our vessels, so there are no delays which are critical to secure vessels during periods of peak demand. Our escrow procedures are secure - assuring that all financial transactions are held to strict protocols.

We welcome calls from anyone with a potential charter booking, however, because our fleet is elite, we expect brokers to know the ropes. If you are new to the business, our co-broker program is sometimes recommended to ensure that and the lines of communication between client, owner and crew are wide open.

Our logo is familiar on the docks: with representation at all of the major charter shows demonstrates IYC's commitment to the worldwide brokerage community. Our participation in roundtable forums have helped to shape the way that our colleagues tackle modern challenges. If you have a suggestion to improve our service, please contact our team.

If your client's charter yacht is in our collection, we'll help you earn your commission with ease.