Crew Administration

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a professionally suitable crew for the success of a yacht's program. The best yachts in the world must have the best crew in the world. Whether the yacht is strictly private or actively engaged in chartering, the level of training and discretion is a direct reflection of our management oversight.

Cutting corners on crew is never the way to achieve superyacht status.

  • Hiring - Every yacht has a certain style, which starts with the owner. Knowing an owner's preferences is essential when matching crew candidates to a yacht's program. Qualifications must be impeccable prior to the interview process. We perform criminal and financial background checks as well as negotiate employment contracts so that all responsibilities are clearly defined. Our in-house crew placement agent has nothing better to do.
  • STCW - At International Yacht Collection, we are committed to the highest levels of professionalism, and we want those standards to be evident on the decks of all the yachts in our management program.
    Under international maritime law, professional crew must be compliant with requirements of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), which ensures that they have the proper training and certification with regard to safety procedures, watch keeping/navigation and our own Safety Management System. With formal training facilities near our offices, we can assist new crew to achieve certification and seasoned crew to maintain their skills.
  • Administration - While the yacht is at sea the captain and crew have no worries about their wages since our office processes the yacht's payroll (with direct deposit to crew accounts), tax withholding (if applicable), health insurance and other financial transactions. Keeping travel visas and passports in active status is essential to the yacht's custom and immigration requirements, so we'll assist with those credentials if someone on board is approaching their documents' expiration dates.
  • Shipboard Life - There are few jobs where you are required to sleep at your workplace, but signing on as a yacht crewmember is a 100% vocation. Granted, it's an enjoyable lifestyle when you live on a luxury superyacht and travel to beautiful locations, but there are plenty of hardships. Crew must ignore seasickness, homesickness and tight quarters while looking impeccably groomed as they work long shifts taking care of their guests with a smile on the face.
    Most of our IYC management team are former crew themselves so they know what it's like to walk in those Docksiders. We are quick to offer the professional wisdom and moral support to iron out any wrinkles that are hindering a crew's best effort. We collect and forward postal mail to the yacht and assist the crew with any other day-to-day necessities that are challenged by their continual mobility.
  • Termination - In the rare cases of personnel dissatisfaction, we handle crew turnovers with impressive efficiency. A new hire will be in place quickly, while departing individuals will be treated with respect during the process of repatriation back to their homeport. There is no need for owner or captain concern, because IYC managers are on site if needed to make smooth transitions with the minimal disruption to the yacht's operation.

Our newly established Crew Placement division gives critical support to our Yacht Management team so that we can react quickly to any transitions onboard the yachts in our fleet. The efficiency of using an in-house department is another advantage of our multi-tier service to yacht owners. When you come to the International Yacht Collection, we are ready to take care of everything.