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Luxury Yacht Sales

It's an elite company - with the credentials to prove it.

The profession of yacht brokerage encompasses a wide skill set where success is only achieved by those with a passion for the yachting lifestyle. To prosper in brokerage, you've got to know quite a bit about naval architecture, engineering, interior design and top it all off with an amicable, resourceful personality. It also helps if you don't get seasick easily.

Many seasoned yacht captains attempt to transition to yacht brokerage only to discover that the finesse of brokerage can be much more challenging than steering and docking in strong currents. The veteran brokers make it look easy, but

in the megayacht arena, the responsibilities are enormous. Research tools , negotiating skills and having that intangible sixth sense are essential components to making it to the top tier in yacht sales. Some captains make the transition smoothly and others head back out to sea where the sharks stay below the waterline.

The best brokers eventually find their way through the doors of International Yacht Collection: where we filter our applicants to select licensed brokers with a track record of excellence.

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    Services for Yacht Buyers

    With the ever increasing inventory of yachts and shipbuilders on the global market, it's more critical than ever to rely on a seasoned yacht broker to find the vessel that will fulfill a buyer's wish list.

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    Services for Yacht Sellers

    When your enchantment with your present yacht has waned, we have a formula for sales success strategies that are ready for deployment the moment a seller is ready.

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As members of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA), the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA), and the Marine Industries Association (MIASF) we are recognized as one of the largest brokerage firms in North America.

Our professional colleagues respect our input in industry issues. Whether the concerns are legislative, environmental or economic our commitment to yachting enjoyment is unquestionable.

Let us steer your course through a channel of choices toward a narrow portfolio of quality, luxury yachts and negotiate a purchase that will have you at the helm of your perfect vessel.