Many yacht owners dream of cruising aboard the perfect luxury superyacht - and many International Yacht Collection clients have the pockets and patience to make those wishes materialize. We understand the dream.

Customizing a brand new yacht is the certain way to ensure that no detail is compromised. Sometimes the quest is as simple as the desire to entertain in luxury quarters, decorated to a specific taste, where no other head has slept upon the master stateroom pillow.

In recent years we've seen unique adaptations to the usual superyacht layout: from the outfitting of a music recording studio to the installation of a retractable submarine hangar. Whatever the driving reason, our sales brokers fearlessly delve into the world of yacht construction on a routine basis because the chance to participate in a new yacht's construction is a thrill for everyone who loves yachting.

The negotiations, budgeting and scheduling challenges culminate when a megayacht hits the salt water for her first sea trial. When the hands are shaken, the champagne corks soar skyward and the glossy photographs hit the magazine stands, we enjoy the bragging rights earned by our diligent backstage efforts.

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So, why use brokerage services when building a custom yacht?

A broker's role is to be a neutral set of eyes and ears that will troubleshoot in advance. Our brokers know the complex process of yacht construction and are well seasoned to be qualified liaisons when dealing with shipyard personnel. As a buffer between the client and shipyard, the broker will handle brunt of the negotiations, change orders and finishing details that can sometimes ensnare a well-laid schematic if not handled appropriately.

Will using a broker who is independent of the shipyard affect the price of the yacht?

It's customary practice in the yachting arena for a shipyard to pay a commission to the broker who presents a customer to their facility. The commission is a negligible part of the overall construction cost. Even if a buyer never speaks to the broker again, the shipyard will still be required to pay their fee once the construction contract is signed, so it is wise to take advantage of their valuable added services. The broker does not work for the shipbuilder and obviously wants to retain the relationship with their customer for all future yacht ownership ventures, so he/she will work hard for a buyer's ultimate satisfaction. The repeat business that IYC brokers enjoy is the solid testament to the success of our actions.

Having a trustworthy yacht broker is the foundation of any yacht ownership venture - equally so when the yacht is going to navigate from idea to reality. Research, experience and intuition are the crucial ingredients that guide the process.

Client Input

Every time you meet with an IYC broker, they are making mental notes. Whether the discussions are taking place at one of our offices, or at your home, hotel or over a restaurant dinner table, the answered questions will filter to the appropriate target:

What are the best (and worst) features of yachts that you have owned in the past?

If an owner doesn't have experience cruising on the model and size that he's considering building, then perhaps a charter or sea trial on a similar yacht will bring to light any items for the new wish list.

Is there a captain or engineer who will be involved in the process?

There's nothing like an opinion from the helm to educate about vessel operations. A happy crew usually means a happy yacht owner, so it's wise to give heed to their valuable insights.

Will you use your yacht for global cruising or keep the range relatively short?

The answer to this question will determine the type of engines, fuel capacity and provisioning storage needed for your cruising goals. If speed is a factor, then the hull construction material and shape should be considered for appropriate efficiency and durability.

Is the yacht going to remain private, or be offered for charter when not in owner use?

Successful charter yachts have certain features that make them more competitive on the market. Staterooms of equal amenity are nice for groups of guests who are splitting the rate. Young, active charter guests love watersport options, so active charter yachts benefit when they have plenty of deck space and storage lockers for the recreational inventory.

Is there an interior designer chosen for the project?

Although the infrastructural systems and engineering grab the most attention early in the building process, the interior designer will play an integral role throughout the project - particular with regard to lighting, carpentry, stonework, upholstery, entertainment features and finishes. The most successful projects involve all the trades working in harmony.

IYC brokers know the technical terms and social customs that will smooth the process and avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur if the project management is not handled without our oversight.

Shipyard Selection

Our brokerage and management team is committed to maintaining a yacht owner's continued enthusiasm for their custom yacht project. We are adept at filtering the myriad shipyard choices to a short list that makes sense.

Besides onsite inspections, we talk with our colleagues and crew to keep our ears open for rumors that might enhance or detract from a yacht builder's reputation. We examine a host of factors to determine the appropriate choice.

  • Financial Stability: Just as a yacht owner needs solid estimates to consider the feasibility of a custom yacht construction, the shipbuilder needs to provide solid financial reports to demonstrate the viability of their facility and workforce to bring the project to completion.
  • Timeline: An IYC broker would always investigate the shipyard's workload and how practical it is for them to begin a new project. Will they adhere to the projected scheduling estimates? There is nothing more frustrating than a delayed launch!
  • Geography: If the shipyard is globally distant from our client, we need to verify that all modern amenities and communications are up to our required technical specifications. Can the shipyard easily obtain the materials required for the project? Is the local community and economy in an environment that supports the viability of the shipyard operations? Currency fluctuations are an additional consideration when building overseas, so the contracts should be rock solid.
  • Safety: IYC brokers and yacht managers take safety requirements seriously and expect any shipyard that works with our clients to have qualified, skilled laborers on every aspect of the construction process. The safety procedures at the shipyard usually indicate the care applied to overall yacht construction standards. We are sticklers for adhering to international maritime law.
  • Flexibility: What's the fun of building a custom yacht if an owner is forced into a cookie cutter mold? Obviously the tried and true principles of naval engineering and a yard's previous successes are the foundation of a viable design, however, we want to be sure that every new construction project is a personal reflection of our clients' requirements and tastes.

Post Launch

Once a client takes possession of their new yacht, the benefit of a full service company comes into play. We remain in contact to be certain that everything is meeting expectations. Our team is ready to assist with crew hiring, document administration, charter management, technical support and safety training - basically all aspects of yacht operations.

Our staff even includes experts in emergency response, should the need arise.

Building a yacht may seem daunting, but with the professional staff at International Yacht Collection, any owner can truly enjoy their ride. Our clients' vision combined with our passion for excellence enables the shiny yachting lifestyle.