Operational Support

Property management is much more complex when the property isn't stationary.

The clients in our yacht management program travel the far reaches of the globe and we are adept at tackling the challenges of logistical support wherever the vessels may dock. With advanced planning, a megayacht can be ready for voyage turnaround in a matter of hours not days.

With offices located in multiple time zones, we access our network of vendors and purveyors to be on standby with the required supplies ready to run up the passerelles. Spare parts for engineering, fuel bunkering, specialty provisions and medical supplies are just a few of the items on the list that IYC managers are routinely arranging.

Long Term Dockage

Often, yachts are used as floating hotels which owners may establish as a base station rather than continual cruising. Our management team is adept at negotiating for long term dockage when the yacht remains stationary for weeks or months at a time.

We don't overlook commercial facilities as an alternative to pricier resort marinas when the calendar indicates that guests will not be utilizing the yacht. Economy is always in the forefront of our minds when we can save in practical ways without compromising the integrity or security of the vessel.

Passage Planning

A yacht's captain is responsible for safe passage and we want his route to always be smooth sailing under blue sky. When one of our management vessels is underway, we check short and long term weather forecasts as well as consult with the yacht's insurance agent to be certain that the location and timing all fall within existing policy parameters.

When it comes to offshore operations, we fuss like over-protective parents because every owner and crew is a member of the International Yacht Collection family.