Vessel Administration

In the midst of all the fashion and fun, International Yacht Collection managers maintain vigilant oversight of the yacht properties enrolled in our program. We focus on the foundation: the budget. Our system is designed to keep all the planned and spontaneous activities in motion without exceeding prudent financial realities.

There are five star chefs enticing guests with gourmet menus, wine sommeliers and massage therapists. Certified scuba instructors await underwater adventurers. Crisply uniformed, silver-service stewards serve deck loungers with signature cocktails, fresh towels and sunscreen in every SPF range. Sound cliché? It's a reality, a reward for society's most successful travelers.

It's the job of our seasoned charter agents to know the intrinsic qualities of each yacht and be able to match up their clients' interests with the optimum vessel. Obviously, the most popular destinations tend to have the largest selection of yachts to choose from: the Western Mediterranean and the Caribbean (the Virgin Islands and Leeward Islands) rule the roost when it comes to the biggest charter fleet.

We focus on the foundation: the budget.

The Portal

We would not be worthy of managing such sophisticated clients if we did not use cutting edge tools ourselves. Proudly, we developed The Portal, a unique web-based custom yacht program which is a shared reservoir of forms, documents and operational ifomraion needed for the yachts day-to-day activity.

Password-protected with multiple security levels, access to the documents archived in The Portal is granted to owners, managers and crew based upon their assigned protocol.

Using a web-based program offers easy access from anywhere with an internet connection - from any computer. Flexibility is important to our managers; we encourage feedback to our methods so that we can confidently boast that IYC yacht management is at the top of our game.

The success of each department on board the yacht is a direct result of careful planning and meticulous organizational skill, coordinated by crew and our land-based operation.

We facilitate each yacht's program so that owner enjoyment is maximized and disappointments are distant memories.